Principles in nursing


Modern nursing management combined with competence and humanity.

Our principles

  • We understand our patients and medical staff as clients.
  • We understand our patients as unique, individual humans.
  • Our nursing staff combines competence and heart.
  • Our appreciation for our staff can be seen through clear information and open communication. We take care of the individual needs of our staff and encourage their strengths.
  • For us, professional quality in nursing means to work according to clear norms and standards and to constantly develop.
  • We work according to jointly defined aims.

Nursing Theory

Our ideas and concepts of action are the nursing process and the work according to the nursing theories of Orem and Roper. According to Orem’s approach, basic principles are the concept of entirety and individualism.

Nursing – therapeutic interventions are performed within Nanda diagnostics and on the basis of the „Gesundheits- und –krankenpflegegesetzes“. These interventions are Individual and based on needs.