Check-up, prevention and diagnostic clarification

Check-up, prevention and diagnostic clarification

Preventive medical check-ups & early detection

Early detection can save your life: Besides a health-conscious lifestyle, regular preventive medical check-ups are the best way to ensure that health risks are minimised. Thus, serious diseases can be detected at an early stage – i.e. when the chances of recovery are best due to timely treatment.

The health check-up has measurable effects on life expectancy: When Austria introduced the comprehensive preventive medical check-up in 1974, the average life expectancy of women was around 75 years and 67 years for men. Today, women live seven years longer and men eight years longer on average.

Why visit the Wiener Privatklinik for a preventive medical check-up?

The Wiener Privatklinik offers check-up packages specially tailored to your living conditions with the highest level of competence and every comfort. All preventive medical check-ups therein are carried out with the latest medical equipment under the direction of highly qualified medical specialists. Your examination programme can be carried out on an outpatient basis or on an inpatient basis - with real five star hotel comfort.

Which examinations are available at the Wiener Privatklinik?

The preventive medical check-ups and the intervals for parts of your individual check-up programme are based on age, gender, lifestyle, any previous conditions and the medical history of your family.

The Wiener Privatklinik offers an entire range of examinations from A to Z:

We combine excellent medical expertise and modern facilities for all diagnostic steps:

We are also available to you at any time for specific diagnostic clarifications and counselling interviews with renowned, highly qualified doctors. In particular, if you want to obtain a competent second opinion before an operation or therapy.

We are happy to include existing documents, which you should please forward to us, in the diagnostic clarification.

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You can obtain an overview of the check-up programme here. We are happy to provide you with an individual offer.