Metabolism examination – Early detection and diagnosis

Metabolism examination – Early detection and diagnosis

Metabolism examination? Why?

An adequate metabolism examination is also advisable as part of a preventive medical check-up, as the various cycles that the body goes through, day after day, shape our lives and determine our health, vitality and well-being. Metabolic disorders, metabolic diseases and the more common food intolerances have correspondingly drastic effects. A metabolism examination allows for the determination of the hormone status, metabolism and tolerances, and the determination of energy consumption both when resting and during physical exercise. Nutrition and therapy recommendations can be optimally adapted to individual requirements on this basis.

What happens during a metabolism examination?

There are many metabolic disorders and they can affect each organ in the body, from the heart to the thyroid gland and the liver through to the brain. They range from classic diseases such as gout, diabetes mellitus or hypo- and hyperthyroidism through to a wide range of allergies.
The diverse symptoms include strong physical discomfort, sleep disorders, mood swings, drastic changes in body weight in an unnaturally short period of time, but also abnormal changes in the skin and loss of hair.

The occurrence of these symptoms and similar inexplicable complaints is an alarm signal that there is an urgent need to visit a doctor.  The situation is clarified using the blood count and the disease symptoms.
Metabolic diseases are often characterised by an enzyme deficiency or hormone deficiency. With regard to some metabolic disorders, intermediate products of metabolism are accumulated in the body or increasingly excreted, metabolic products are stored (e.g. haemochromatosis), or unusual metabolic products are generated. However, transport defects for certain substances can also occur, i.e. a rise in blood sugar with regard to diabetes mellitus due to a lack of insulin).

The prevalence of allergies and food intolerances play an increasingly important role: They are often the cause for chronic gastrointestinal complaints and they are also involved in the development of numerous unclear complaints, such as chronic tiredness, loss of energy, sleep disorders, susceptibility to infection, headaches/migraines,  rheumatic complaints, chronic bronchitis, the inflammation of skin, mucosal membranes and joints and even cardiovascular problems.
Specialised screening methods, such as EAT plus special laboratory diagnostics, are increasingly being used to clarify allergies and intolerances.

Why visit the Wiener Privatklinik for a metabolism examination?

The Wiener Privatklinik not only offers you some of Vienna’s best medical specialists, but also specialists and the necessary technical diagnostic equipment for all examinations, which may be required if a disease is suspected as a result of the metabolism examination. It also offers the best specialists for the immediate treatment of such diseases. Early detection and timely treatment at the highest level are the best guarantee for a long, pain-free life.

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