Ultrasound examination – Process, benefits and alternatives

Ultrasound examination – Process, benefits and alternatives

Ultrasound examination – what is involved?

The ultrasound examination or sonography is the examination of organic tissue by means of ultrasound. Today, it is one of the most frequently used imaging processes in medicine, as many diseases can be examined and clarified faster, and thus with reduced costs and risks, through ultrasound examination. Furthermore, the treatment is completely harmless and free of side-effects.
During ultrasound examinations, sound waves with a frequency above the audible range of the human ear are sent through the body, reflected by structures and tissue and registered by a receiver. A computer creates an image from this information.
Two-dimensional images allow the doctor to gain a spatial view of the size, shape and structure of the investigated organs. Besides the normal structure of the liver, spleen, heart, kidneys and other organs, changes in blood vessels and soft tissue can also be shown.
The flow rates of fluids in vessels and the heart can be converted into an image with special pulse forms.

Ultrasound examination – when?

Ultrasound examinations of the breast (mammasonography or breast ultrasound examination), the heart (cardiac ultrasound) and the important main arteries (carotid ultrasound) as well as examinations during pregnancy are just the most prominent examples for the wide range of applications of this examination method.

Ultrasound examination – how?

The ultrasound examination is painless and completely free of side-effects. The examining doctor touches the patient with a sensor and the image of the examined body region appears on a monitor.

Ultrasound examination – are there alternatives?

As no dangerous rays are released, the ultrasound examination is completely harmless. The real question is what are the alternatives to ultrasound when the method reaches its limits. Because not all organs are as well suited for ultrasound examination.

Ultrasound examination – why at the Wiener Privatklinik?

The Wiener Privatklinik not only offers you some of Vienna’s best medical specialists, but also the specialists and the necessary technical diagnostic equipment for all examinations, which may be required if a disease is suspected as a result of the ultrasound examination. It also offers the best specialists for the immediate treatment of such diseases. Early detection and timely treatment at the highest level are the best guarantee for a long, pain-free life.

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