Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery

Surgical procedures normally serve to save lives or heal the body. Cosmetic surgery is the exception. It boosts self-esteem and the awareness of one’s own attractiveness.

Cosmetic surgery may be necessary because the appearance has been affected by an accidental injury, the result of an operation, diseases or burn scars. As one wants the opportunity to change their fate of coming into the world with an unattractive nose or ears. However, it is absolutely legitimate and increasingly common to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to look as young and attractive as one feels.

Anyone considering breast augmentation, a facelift, breast reduction, liposuction or any other measure from the wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures should consider the following: As with all advanced technology, each surgical procedure has a residual risk and the more openly this is discussed with physicians, the more trustworthy they become. And the more experience your physician has with your planned procedure, the more certain your personal satisfaction will be with the result. Select from acknowledged specialists for all types of cosmetic surgery at the Wiener Privatklinik.

The most frequently requested procedures are:

  • Breast augmentation
    During breast augmentation, small, soft silicone cushions are inserted through a small incision in the breast, which produce the requested augmentation. This procedure has been tested for decades and it is normally risk-free. Regular check-ups for any damage to the implant are subsequently essential.
  • Facelifts
    Lifts, tightening and wrinkle treatments with a scalpel are now broadly routine. Facelifts involve a small incision and the facial skin is tightened backwards. Skin tightening is also possible in the stomach area, e.g. after birth. In case of smaller procedures, the scalpel is increasingly replaced by laser or Botox treatments.
  • Breast reduction
    This procedure is an exception in the wide range of cosmetic surgery, as it may not only be necessary for aesthetic reasons, but also due to real complaints, for example, chronic back pain and tension or tedious restrictions during sport exercise.
  • Liposuction
    During this procedure, excess adipose tissue is dissolved and then extracted. In general, liposuction is possible in all known problem zones, however, the cosmetic surgeon must ensure the procedure is suitable in case of a protruding male stomach, as liposuction in close proximity to the intestinal tract would be too risky.

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