Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardio-vascular medicine

The fact that cardiovascular diseases are already responsible for almost every other death in modern industrial societies is, on the one hand, due to lifestyle factors such as smoking and poor nutrition. On the other hand, this is also an accompanying factor of steadily increasing life expectancy: One hundred or two hundred years ago, people often simply did not grow old enough to develop a cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular medicine not only deals with congenital and acquired heart diseases, but also circulation and blood vessels in the vicinity of the heart. The term “cardiovascular diseases”, or cardio-vascular diseases, also includes high blood pressure (hypertension), strokes, arterial occlusive disease and related diseases.

The Competence Centre for Cardiovascular Medicine at the Wiener Privatklinik is specialised in the diagnosis and therapy for cardiovascular diseases. State-of-the-art methods and technology in relation to heart medicine and vascular medicine are offered here, as well as a fully equipped catheter laboratory.

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