Treating vascular diseases

Treating vascular diseases

Vascular diseases can affect the blood vessels leading away from the heart, the arteries, the blood vessels leading to the heart, the veins, or lymphatic vessels.

The most common vascular diseases are arteriosclerosis and diabetic angiopathy, which arise in connection with diabetes mellitus and cause many massive long-term consequences, e.g. retinopathy, glomerulosclerosis or neuropathy.

  • In 9 out of 10 cases, arterial vascular diseases are arterioscleroses combined with the formation of constricted areas (stenoses) or occlusions. The most common and serious diseases are arterial occlusive disease of the pelvic and leg arteries, constriction of the carotid arteries, renal arteries and intestinal arteries. In addition to such constrictions, arteriosclerosis also causes the weakening of vessel wall structures and the widening of vessels, so-called aneurysms, which can lead to embolisms or the tearing of the vessel wall.
  • Common venous vascular diseases are varicose veins which are often inherited, chronic venous insufficiency with regard to the congenital weakness of the deep vein system and vein thrombosis. Inflammation and blood clotting in superficial veins may occur as a result of varicose veins or as symptoms of another underlying condition, which is called thrombophlebitis.
  • Primary and secondary lymphoedema are diseases of the lymphatic vessels. The former is the result of congenital weakness or agenesis of the lymph channels and it usually manifests itself in the third to fourth decade of life, and the latter occurs as a result of another disease, which also damages lymphatic circulation.
  • Angiodysplasia are vascular malformations of arteries, veins or lymphatic vessels, which can be extremely complex with a variety of symptoms.

The specialist field of Internal Medicine, which deals with all vascular diseases, is called Angiology. It strongly overlaps with other disciplines on the basis of the diversity of conditions, causes of disease and required treatments: Diseases of the coronary vessels are the domain of Cardiology; vascular diseases, which affect the central nervous system, also concern neurologists and neurosurgeons. The treatment of diseases of the venous vascular system and the lymphatic vessels overlaps with Dermatology and Phlebology. Vascular surgery is at the profession of specialised surgeons.

With regard to the treatment of many angiological conditions, there is a general need for close cooperation between different medical fields. This is a particular strength of the Wiener Privatklinik, which combines the highest competences from all specialist fields in its competence centres.

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