Vascular investigations - Diagnosing vascular diseases

Vascular investigations -
Diagnosing vascular diseases

Vascular diseases area a collective term for pathological changes in blood or lymphatic vessels. They have a number of causes, many manifestations and various, but often very dangerous consequences.

  • The most common form of vascular investigation is the angiography. It is used for all vessels filled with fluid (arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels). This vascular investigation involves the introduction of a contrast agent in the vessel to be examined so that x-rays can be taken.
  • Coronary angiography is the vascular investigation of the coronary vessels.
  • Venous angiography is also called phlebography and is mainly used for vein problems in the lower legs.

Such investigations are generally pain-free and they allow the diagnosis of deformities, occlusion and damage to vessels.

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