Millesi Center


Peripheral nerve surgery, Plexus and microsurgery, surgical treatment of nerve injuries, nerve tumours and nerve compression syndromes.

Integrated treatment concept

MILLESI CENTER at the Wiener Privatklinik offers integrated treatment concepts concerning nerve injuries, pain syndromes and nerve reconstruction, including nerve transplantation.

Previous years have shown that best results in therapy are received by taking the brain, the central nervous system, the peripheral nerves and the muscular system as one functional unit. In the past, it was already considered a success when an accident victim could flex the entirely paralyzed elbow again. Today, even in difficult cases, it is aimed for complex, target-oriented motions. This can only be accomplished by including the paralysed part of the muscular system and especially the brain in the therapy.

At MILLESI CENTER an interdisciplinary team of specialists attends patients for diagnosis, surgery and neuro-rehabilitation. Constant research in this area allows the MILLESI CENTER to offer treatment methods according to the newest international standards in science.


Treatment of:

Injuries of the peripheral nervous system:

  • Brachial plexus
  • Nerves of the upper extremities
  • Lumbosacral plexus
  • Nerves of the lower extremities

Conditions following nerve injuries

  • Neurolysis
  • Restoration of the nerve continuity through nerve transplantation
  • Nerve transfer
  • Restoration of the nerve function through muscle transfer
  • Restoration of the muscle balance
  • Arthrolysis (solution of joint adhesion)
  • Tenolysis (solution of tendon adhesion)
  • Arthrosis to improve the general function
  • Reconstruction through skin graft and tissue transfer (gliding tissue flaps)

Causes of Pain Syndromes

  • Nerve irritation
  • Spontaneous or after surgeries / injuries

Reconstructive Skin and Gliding Tissue Surgery

Nerve Tumours

Compression Syndromes

  • Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS)
  • Guyon’s canal syndrome
  • Suprascapularis syndrome
  • Pronator teres syndrome
  • Other

Spastic Paralysis

Volkmann’s Contracture

Neuro-rehabilitation with special consideration of the brain plasticity (IMF Therapy)

When to contact the MILLESI CENTER?

After an accident or after a medical condition appears, you should consult the specialists at the MILLESI CENTERS as soon as possible. The longer a treatment is delayed the worse is the chance of success.