Endoprosthesis –
what is it?

Endoprostheses are implants, which replace damaged joints, in their entirety or in part. Hip endoprostheses, knee endoprostheses, shoulder endoprostheses and ankle joint endoprostheses as well as modular growing prostheses for children and young people are now available. They can consist of titanium alloys, other alloys, plastics, ceramics or combinations of these materials.

The key criteria for the choice of material and construction of endoprostheses are resistance to constant mechanical stresses and resistance to surface abrasion.

The latest minimally invasive surgical techniques now largely allow the gentle implantation of the endoprosthesis. They accelerate rehabilitation after the operation.

The Competence Centre For Orthopaedics of the Wiener Privatklinik is a highly competent endoprosthetics centre. Highly qualified specialists for each step in the treatment and rehabilitation chain work here, from the selection of suitable prostheses and the surgical planning process, which is increasingly supported by 3D computer models, through to rehabilitation and postoperative examinations.

You can obtain more detailed information on endoprostheses from our telephone info-line or by email. All contact details can be found on our Contact page.