Acupuncture massage

Acupuncture massage

The concept of acupuncture massage follows the methods of manual therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The aim of acupuncture massage is to balance out the disturbed "energy-flow" of the human body. Energy is drawn from "high-energy" areas and supplied to the "low-energy" areas. In this respect, scars, healed fractures, metal implants or tattoos may be classed as disturbing for the energy flow. However, dietary habits, climatic factors, the social environment, static problems of the spine and joints as well as emotional or mental aspects can also cause such disturbances.

With regard to the treatment, the therapist works on the "meridians" through massages or they treat acupuncture points. They use a metal rod to massage the meridians and acupuncture points.

Following the approaches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the acupuncture massage is used to treat a number of conditions including muscle tension, spine and joint ailments, rheumatic conditions, gastrointestinal ailments, respiratory diseases, gynaecological problems, migraines and scar treatment after surgery.

In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers the acupuncture massage at the highest quality level.

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