Breathing therapy

Breathing therapy

Breathing therapy is a generic term for radically different treatments:

One is the therapy of breathing, the actual clinical, medical respiration therapy. It deals with the prophylaxis and treatment of diseases and functional disorders of the lungs and vocal apparatus. Its aims are to protect against pneumonia, to loosen and transport mucus and to stabilise the bronchial system, in particular with regard to obstructive diseases such as chronic bronchitis or asthma.

Breathing training is also a part of this breathing therapy. This involves various breathing exercises to improve lung capacity. In this respect, the chest muscles are strengthened, amongst others, and techniques for increased abdominal breathing are practiced.

The other is therapy with breathing, i.e. breathing therapy as a psychotherapeutic or physiotherapeutic procedure. The method assumes that, of all the functions of the human body, breathing is most intensively connected to all other levels of human abilities. Any small stimulus, be it from the outside or inside, changes the way in which we breath.

People can therefore feel totally accomplished, relaxed and harmonised with breathing exercises.

In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers breathing therapy at the highest quality level.

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