Cranio-sacral therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy (craniosacral therapy) is a branch of osteopathy.
The aim of the treatment is to ensure the freest possible flow of cerebrospinal fluid from the skull to the sacrum.

The concept of cranio-sacral therapy is based on the assumption that the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid occurs in an individual rhythm for every individual, the craniosacral pulse.
Disturbances of the craniosacral pulse rate can result, for example, from tension, traumas, surgery or stress.

With regard to cranio-sacral therapy, the therapist takes a seat next to the head of the lying patient and touches the cranial bones with slow, rhythmic movements. These are then gently moved against each other. These rhythmic movements are also repeated on the spine. This can result in deep relaxation.
The areas of application of this method include diseases of the musculoskeletal system, chronic painful conditions, neurological conditions such as migraines, tension headaches, dizziness and tinnitus, but also depression and anxiety disorders.

In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers cranio-sacral therapy at the highest quality level.

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