Electrotherapy is the generic term for the application of electricity in physical therapy.

Electromedicine includes treatments with direct current (galvanisation) and alternating current with various frequencies – low-frequency stimulation current therapy, medium frequency and high-frequency therapy.

The respective electromagnetic fields produce physical effects in the body such as local heat generation and/or biological effects such as the triggering of action potentials. The effects include pain relief, the improvement of impaired muscle and joint function and an improvement of tissue perfusion.

  • The galvanisation with direct current is mainly used due to its major analgesic effect, for example, for sciatica, cervicalgia and neuralgia.
  • The low-frequency stimulation current therapy serves to stimulate the local nerves and muscles.
  • A special form is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which can be applied for a wide range of conditions such astumour pains, chronic degenerative spinal disorders, radicular compression symptoms and phantom pain after paraplegia or amputation.
  • The medium frequency therapy is used for muscle stimulation for peripheral neuropathies, primary myopathies and periarthropathies.
  • High-frequency procedures produce an exclusively local heating effect, depending on the procedure, in different layers of tissue with a broad range of potential applications for arthroses, chronic polyarthritis, myotendinoses and periosteal irritation.

Electrotherapy is usually used as a supplementary therapy in a broader framework of physiotherapeutic and medicinal treatments. Many electrotherapy applications are followed by physiotherapeutic after-treatment, massage or muscle stretching.

In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers electrotherapy at the highest quality level.

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