Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage

The foot reflexology massage is based on the idea that reflex zones in the body “mirror” internal organs and muscle groups on the skin.

Such reflex zones are identified on the back, the foot, the hand, the ear, the nose and the skull. According to the basic assumption of reflexology, these zones can be used to treat various ailments such as vascular disorders.

The principle of the foot reflexology massage can be found in the Ayurvedic massage tradition as well as the Thai massage and the Chinese Tuina massage.

The movement and pressure techniques of modern reflexology were developed in the USA in the middle of the 20th century. They are now standard tools for alternative practitioners, physiotherapists and massage therapists.

With regard to the treatment, pressure sensitive zones are stimulated mechanically or by low-level laser therapy, colour projectors, etc. The most important principle of reflexology is the harmonisation of the whole body. "Tired" zones are treated firmly and intensively and "overexcited" zones under high tension are treated softly and gently.

The application areas of foot reflexology therapy are broad-ranging. The procedure is used for migraines, hay fever, menstrual pain, digestive disorders, asthma, rheumatism or for the after-treatment of hearing loss, among other things.

In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers the foot reflexology massage at the highest quality level.

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