Neural mobilisation

Neural mobilisation

The nervous system can also be treated with manual methods:
Neural mobilisation is a manual medicine technique for treating annoying pains such as sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, pains when moving the spine, extending the leg or arm, sensory disturbances and tingling sensations.

Such restrictions can occur, as nerve tissue is much less elastic and flexible than muscles. Nerves must therefore be able to slide up to 10cm between other tissues when moving our arms and legs, but also the spine.
If this sliding movement is impaired due to external constriction, or if the nerve is damaged inside, severe pain can occur.

Tests can determine whether the external sliding ability or the internal elasticity of the nerves is impaired prior to the actual neural mobilisation. With regard to the exercises for neural mobilisation, the affected nerve is stretched painlessly and then relaxed by bending the corresponding joints.

The nerve is shifted against padding or structures by repeating small movements of the affected joint until slight stretching pain occurs.

In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers neural mobilisation at the highest quality level.

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