Physiotherapy is an integral part of modern medicine.
Many treatment successes are based on physiotherapy. Application is possible at every stage of life. It is often more effective and less risky than medicinal therapies.

Physiotherapy, sometimes referred to as physical therapy, is based on the knowledge that targeted, professionally positioned stimuli such as movement, pressure and tension, heating, cooling, light and electricity activate the body's own healing potential. Physiotherapy is used in rehabilitation to initiate, intensify and accelerate healing processes.

Beyond rehabilitation after surgery, accidents or illness, it can also correct incorrect posture with regard to everyday complaints, balance unbalanced muscle power proportions, restore impaired processes in the body, relieve or remove inflammatory processes and support patients to actively and independently work on their recovery.

Physiotherapy at the Wiener Privatklinik begins with the determination of the functional, movement and activity limitations of the individual patient as part of a physiotherapeutic examination.

The treatment combines the expertise of excellent physicians with the high pedagogical and manual competences of our physiotherapists. On the one hand, physical therapy causes natural, physiological reactions of the body such as motor learning, muscle building and metabolism stimulation. On the other hand, it provides the patients with an improved understanding for the functioning of their own bodies and motivates them to treat their own bodies responsibly. The aim is always the restoration, maintenance or promotion of good health combined with the freedom from pain or reduction of pain.

With regard to physiotherapy, the treatments are carried out by highly-qualified physiotherapists at the Wiener Privatklinik. The treatment is adapted individually to the anatomical and physiological requirements of the patients, to their personality and motivation.

In this respect, there is a wide range of available methods: In addition to the classical remedial exercises/remedial gymnastics, for example, breathing therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, manual therapy, medical training therapy and neural mobilisation can be used, supplemented by physical stimuli such as heating, cooling, pressure, radiation or electricity.

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