Remedial exercises

Remedial exercises

Remedial exercises or gymnastics is a medically prescribed treatment with the aim of maintaining or restoring a patient’s physical or mental mobility and functionality if it has been impaired by illness, accident, congenital disorder or incorrect posture in everyday life.

Remedial exercises can eliminate pain, restore healthy movement or train substitute functions, balance unbalanced muscle power proportions and promote physiological development for children. With regard to assisting with self-help, it provides patients with a tool, which they can use to actively and independently continue and promote their healing process, and prevent new problems. The ancient principle that nature has its own healing power is reflected in modern exercise therapy, which aims to arouse and stimulate the self-healing power of the body.

The aim of remedial gymnastics depends on the age and general condition of the patient, their individual everyday requirements and the clinical picture and course.

Exercise therapy has a remarkably broad area of application at the Wiener Privatklinik. The most common applications can be found in conservative and operative orthopaedics, sports medicine, neurology (especially rehabilitation following strokes), in pain therapy and gynaecology (e.g. during pregnancy), but increasingly in internal medicine for the treatment of functional disorders of the respiratory system, vascular system and the cardiovascular system, and also in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders and in preventive medicine to prevent diseases, functional impairments and risk factors. In terms of a holistically orientated service offering, the Wiener Privatklinik offers remedial exercises at the highest quality level.

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