Minimally invasive surgery - Advantages and areas of application

Minimally invasive surgery -
Advantages and areas of application

MIS, minimally invasive surgery, is a collective term for particularly gentle operative procedures, which require minimal cuts into the skin and soft tissue and therefore minimise recovery times and discomfort.

In recent decades, minimally invasive operations have come on in almost all areas of surgery and contributed to alleviating people's fears of many treatments. Above all, in traumatology and sports medicine: The often breathtakingly fast comebacks of professional athletes after severe injuries are dramatic evidence for the effectiveness of minimally invasive surgery.

However, there are also obvious advantages for amateur athletes and accident victims: Less postoperative pain, faster mobilisation and recovery for older patients, minimally invasive procedures when conventional operational techniques are impossible due to the accompanying risks – and increasingly frequent minimally invasive operations as outpatient treatments, whereby a serious procedure previously meant a longer hospital stay.

Arthroscopy, as a method of minimally invasive procedures to examine and treat joints is of particular importance for trauma and sports surgery.

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