Sports Medical Examinations

Sports Medical Examinations

Sports medicine not only deals with repairs, but also with care and accident prevention. As sport and work on one's own fitness pertain so much to a health-oriented lifestyle – they are a health risk without competent support.

Sports medical examinations are routine for competitive athletes. They should also be routine for recreational athletes, because not all types of sport are advisable for every person in all phases of life: Overstraining, over-estimation of one's abilities and lack of physical ability are the causes of countless sports accidents and, in a worst-case scenario, they cause untrained recreational athletes to suffer lasting physical damage.

A sports medical examination should therefore take place at the start of any sporting activity: It provides information about the current level of fitness and determines whether there are any compelling reasons against the sporting activity from a medical point of view.

Sports medical examinations should accompany all ambitious sporting activity, as they provide reliable information about the progress of training and can help to reach one’s own goals more quickly and, above all, more safely.

The sports medical examination programme at the Wiener Privatklinik involves different elements:

  • A detailed anamnesis can provide some indication of whether there are any contraindications to a certain sporting activity.
  • A clinical internal-orthopaedic examination focuses on the musculoskeletal system. It records the condition, load capacity and function of the joints, spine and important muscle groups.
  • A laboratory examination of the blood, a resting ECG and a lung function test show whether existing diseases are compelling reasons against sporting activity.
  • An individually customised ergometry-performance test ascertains your current level of fitness. A training plan can be derived from the results of such examinations, which gives your sporting activity a secure foundation and the best chances for a satisfactory result.

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