Op / recovery room / angiography


Our motto is: Always to be one step ahead. Wiener Privatklinik is investing constantly in the most modern technology and the most up to date technical equipment.

High-Tech in Diagnostics and Therapy

So far, high-tech instruments are used in all medical fields. This trend is also realised by the Wiener Privatklinik – we invest constantly in the most modern technology and the most up to date technical equipment: a state of the art angiography apparatus allows minimal – invasive heart and vessel surgery; for diagnostic clarification, we use an in-house MR and multi-slice CT.

State of the art operating room and post-surgical recovery room

The core of our hospital is the OP-area. We have four operating rooms, all equipped with special instruments, even for complicated surgeries. In addition, we dispose of a high-tech post-surgical monitoring station.

Angiography, cardiac catheter laboratory

In the south – wing of the Wiener Privatklinik there is a cardiac catheter laboratory with a top modern angiography apparatus. It is used to diagnose constrictions of the coronary and other vessels and to eliminate them in one and the same surgery.

MR and CT in theRadiologyCenter

In the radiology Department of the Wiener Privatklinik we use computer aided high-tech-instruments to perform various diagnostic routine and special examinations. The top modern MRI and the multi-slice CT offer best quality with the gentlest equipment on the market. Competent specialists, cooperating on an interdisciplinary level with our medical staff guarantee individual care, without long waiting periods.

All radiologic – diagnostic services can be used by ambulatory patients of all health insurance funds. So far, the MRI and the CT is only available for private patients.