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ROLAND BEISTEINER, M.D. Professor of Neurology


A new Center for Therapy and Development of TRANSCRANIAL PULSE STIMULATION (TPS) has been established at Wiener Privatklinik hospital. After 10 years of development and heading an international consortium, PROF. ROLAND BEISTEINER, M.D. developed a completely new rehabilitation therapy for brain diseases. The new technique uses short ultrasound pulses to activate key areas of the brain with ultrahigh precision. This helps to restore lost abilities. The pulses are delivered non-invasively via a transmitter attached to the head and applying ultrasound gel. The new therapy is perfectly tolerated, painless, and requires no medication. It offers an additional therapeutic opportunity, as all established therapies can be continued unchanged.

In the internationally acclaimed initial description by PROF. BEISTEINER, memory impairment in DEMENTIA could be improved over 3 months. Therapeutic opportunities also exist for other brain diseases that respond to brain activation, such as PARKINSON’S disease (treatments already running), STROKE, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, or CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROMES. Since every brain is different and TPS is very complex, individualized neuroscientific treatment protocols are required. These are established for every patient according to the latest developments of the research group of Prof. Beisteiner. The new development was nominated for the Austria Gala “Austrian of the Year”.

CONTACT: TPS phone: 0043-681-20671146, email:

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