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Dry Nasal Mucosa

Chronic rhinosinusitis is an unpleasant and common disease

The Wiener Privatklinik (WPK) provides information on effective treatment options for dry nasal mucosa and chronic rhinosinusitis, a common and unpleasant condition.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reisser, an expert in ear, nose and throat medicine at the WPK, explains that facial pain, restricted nasal breathing and fatigue are typical symptoms of chronic nasal obstruction and rhinosinusitis. Dry nasal mucous membranes, especially in environments with dry air due to heating or air conditioning, can lead to swelling, which promotes the development of bacteria and viruses and thus leads to chronic inflammation.


Treatment Options

Prof. Reisser recommends sufficient moistening of the nasal mucosa as a simple treatment option, ideally with salty air like at the seaside. However, this is not always feasible for most sufferers, which is why Prof. Reisser recommends the regular use of saltwater nasal sprays and rinses. “Although this can be perceived as a nuisance, salt water rinses in the morning and evening can help to manage the problems associated with chronic rhinosinusitis,” explains Prof. Reisser.

In cases where these measures are not sufficient, surgical interventions such as widening the inner nose through turbinate surgery and opening the sinuses can be considered.

Prof. Reisser also recommends nasal sprays containing cortisone for anti-inflammatory treatment. In addition, antihistamines, both systemic and local, can be used for symptomatic treatment. A newer option is treatment with biologics, which can support the immune system and neutralize pathogens, although this therapy is still expensive.

The Wiener Privatklinik emphasizes its role as a competent point of contact for individual consultation and treatment for dry nasal mucosa and chronic rhinosinusitis.

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