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Austria Nurses Vacancy

We want YOU!


The Wiener Privatklinik (WPK) has been operating since 1995 as Wiener Privatklinik Betriebs-Ges.m.b.H. & Co.KG.
Since 2005 the private hospital in Vienna has been extended from one to two building parts. The WPK is one of the leading private hospitals in Austria and offers up to date equipment, new diagnostics options and the best medical and nursing care for the patients.

In 2015, the day clinic was opened, in which various interventions and examinations can be performed during a day hospital stay.
The technical equipment in the hospital, such as interventional angiography, endoscopy and operating theathers are at the highest technical standards and with the newly developing Radiation Clinic the WPK is the only private hospital in Vienna and Austria that offers these diagnostic and therapeutic options.



  • We understand our patients as unique, individual people
  • Our nursing services combine competence with empathy
  • The appreciation of our employees is visible through transparent information and constructive communication
  • We pay attention to the individual needs of our employees and promote their strengths
  • professional quality in nursing for us means working accordingly to guidelines and standards and ongoing professional develoment
  • We work according to jointly defined target agreements

Our goal is to offer first-class interaction of medical supplies, competent nursing-care and state-of-the-art hospital management to provide excellent care for patients and an optimal working environment for attending physicians and nursing staff. Currently the clinic provides 140 beds in single and double rooms for it‘s demanding patients and is particularly known for its success in the fields of internal medicine, oncology, trauma surgery, sports traumatology, surgery and orthopedics.

Due to the proximity to the Vienna University Hospital – AKH and the close contact to the medical researchers and medical professionals there, patients can be treated with the best and most modern therapies.
Mixing the greatest possible flexibility, high management- and nursing skills and state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic can score over other hospitals and competitors.



Modern nursing-management combines competence with humanity and our
Patients benfit from this during their stay in the hospital. Patients are taken seriously with all their needs, expectations and fears and experience empathic and professional Nursing care on the highest level.

Our Nurses are also contact persons for family members and relevant others of our patients. In the sense of a holistic and family-centered care we support and advise our patients and their relevant others. In complex caring situations our discharge management prepares the home discharge or the transfer to a nursing home.

In order to keep our nurse’s knowledge up-to-date, evidence-based trainings and further education is offered on an ongoing basis for the nursing team at the WPK. We have implemented a new training concept in the form of „One Minute Wonders“ (we call them one minute Fortbildungen = OMF).
The entire nursing departement in the WPK is certified according to the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001. The ISO standard defines standards for setting up a quality management system and is used as a structuring tool. Due to this risks during nursing procedures can be recorded more efficiently and the susceptibility to errors can be minimized.


In addition to the hotel component, medical know-how is the first obligation towards our patients.
The clinic is well known for its achievements in the fields of internal medicine, oncology, trauma surgery, sports traumatology, surgery, thoracic surgery and orthopedics.

Scientific Advisory Board
Through the implementation of a scientific advisory board the highest quality in medicine and also quality control can be assured for all medical procedures in the Wiener Privatklinik. The scientific advisory board is acting independently
Quality assurance in medicine, quality control and the latest standards in treatment are guaranteed by the Scientific Board of Wiener Privatklinik. This independent acting scientific advisory board currently consists of ten professors from the Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Vienna.

  • Physician‘s further education and training by the Forum for Private Medicine
    The “Forum Private Medicine”, initiated by the Wiener Privatklinik, organizes several times a year events on medical topics. These events are recognized by the Austrian Medical Association.


Caring for patients with large variety of medical conditions gives you the opportunity to acquire a wide range of specialist knowledge. Especially for young nurses this generalistic approach in our hospital offers a big advantage, since you can acquire broad nursing expertise.
For the future, this opens up the opportunity to work in different departments and thus increases your attractiveness for future employers.
You also have the opportunity to specialize in various fields (e.g. in the field of oncology nursing or as operating theater nurse).

We care for patients with medical conditions from the following medical disciplines

  • Oncology with the WPK Academy Cancer Center
  • sports medicine and traumatology
  • Cardiovascular medicine
  • Orthopedics
  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery – Millesi Center
  • General surgery
  • orthopedic tumor center
  • Gastroenterology and hepatology
  • Interventional radiology and microtherapy
  • Urology
  • ENT
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Gynecology
  • plastic and reconstructive surgery


The Wiener Privatklinik endeavors to render MORE than a normal hospital in order to provide patients with the best possible medical and nursing care.

  • Through the practiced service orientation, employees develop into socially competent team members.
  • Strong team orientation fosters flexible, responsible employees.
  • A personal and friendly tone creates a familary atmosphere.
  • Permanent reinvestment in the work area creates a modern workplace.
  • Constant business expansion results in a secure workplace. Career opportunities are supported by ongoing training.
  • By organizing employee events, the management shows appreciation to the employees
  • Professional quality in nursing means working according to guidelines and standards and constantly evolving.
  • We have the aspiration of high professionalism in the sense of the Center of Excellence in Nursing.

Nursing Care training

Once a month evidence-based nursing care trainings on actual topics are offered. The content of this trainings is individually prepared and tailored for the clinic by a qualified nursing educator. For all trainings the Nurses receive a training certificate.

Continuing education opportunities

If you want to continue your education (e.g. specialization, to complete an extra-occupational study course), you will receive support from the management of the Wiener Privatklinik. This can result e.g. in the assumption of the education costs (with declaration of obligation), the reduction of the weekly working hours or exemption for theory modules and is determined individually with the respective employee.

Working time models

At the Wiener Privatklinik Nurses usually work 12 hours a day. This has the advantage that you work only 14 days a month (with 40 hours commitment). The shifts are flexibly coordinated with the colleagues on the station by the ward management and with a defined day and night presence of Nurses. However shorter shifts (e.g., 8h, 10h per day) may also be offered on a base of individual needs. Usually shifts start at 07:00 and end at 19:30 and have to be covered from Monday to Sunday. In some areas, late shifts (for example, from 09:00 to 21:00) are required.
Supplements are paid for weekend shifts, as well as night-shifts and holiday services. In special cases a core-time working model (Monday-Friday from 07: 00-17: 00 clock) is possible.



1st place with the project “One Minute Trainings”
3rd place with the project “POB – PflegepraktikantInnen optimally cared for”


3rd place with the project “Videodollmetsch”


1st place with the project “emergency team”


In order to work as a Nurse in Austria the following requirements must be met:

  • Your professional qualification must be recognized in the Federal Ministry for health and social services.
  • You have to be registered as a nurse in the Gesundheitsberuferegister.
  • Proof of your german language skills on level B2

The recognition of your professional training

The recognition of your professional training completed abroad has to be done at the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection.

For Croatian Nurses you find a specific information sheet listing all the necessary documents and the necessary steps for recognition.
Under the following Link: information sheet for HR Nurses
For Czech Nurses you find a specific information sheet listing all the necessary documents and the necessary steps for recognition.

For Romanian Nurses you find a specific information sheet listing all the necessary documents and the necessary steps for recognition.
Under the following Link: information sheet for RO Nurses
For Slowakian Nurses you find a specific information sheet listing all the necessary documents and the necessary steps for recognition.
Under the following Link: information sheet for SK Nurses

Registration in the Austrian healthprofessional register

All Nurses who want start working in Austria must be registered. This must be done BEFORE you start to work.The registration is valid for five years and has to be renewed in a five year cyclus. If the registration is not renewed the nurse loses her/his rigth to work in Austria. After the sucsessfull registarion you get a identification card that shows you are entitelt to work as a Nurse in Austria and is also valid for identification. Link to the Healthprofessional Register

For non-Austrian Nurses, the following documents must be submitted for registration with the authority:

  • proof of professional qualification as a Nurse (e.g. Nursing Diploma, Bachelor Certificate). This document must be translated and notarized.
  • Nostrifikationsbescheide or certificate of recognition
  • proof of completion of special or specialization training (e.g. critical care diploma). This documents must be translated and notarized.
  • proof of identity (e.g. passport, identity card)
  • proof of trustworthiness (e.g. criminal records certificate), not older than three months at the time of application
  • proof of health status (medical certificate), at the time of application not older than three months
  • proof of German language skills on level B2
  • passport photo


The actual salary depends on the working module you are choosing and on pre-employment times that can be recognised.
The gross annual salary according to the collective agreement is € 35,089.04, based on a 40-hour week. This salary is paid 14 times a year.
In addition Sunday working hours and holiday services, night shifts and overtime are financially compensated.


If you do not want to rent an apartment in Vienna right away, we can offer to temporarily rent a room or a small residential unit in the complex of the senior residential home in Schloss Liechtenstein (about 25km from the WPK, the clinic can be reached in about an hour by public transportation).
The rent for such a unit is € 190, – incl. Ust.

Schnuppertag an der Wiener Privatklinik

If we have aroused your interest and you would like to apply for a position as a registered nurse in our clinic, we offer you the opportunity to complete a test day in our hospital. After the interview with our nursing director you will get to know the clinic and the staff on duty. So you will get an idea of your future employer and the working conditions.
We would reccomend to choose a Friday for a test day because you could spend the following weekend in Vienna and learn about the beauty and opportunities of the city of Vienna as your possible new living place.

Requirements for a Test Day in the WPK:

The following documents have to be sent, respectively steps have to be completed, BEFORE you apply for a Test Day, to the WPK in order to be able to proceed with the application process!

  • Resume/Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • professionally translated documents to proof your qualification (e.g. diploma) as a registered Nurse
  • Job Interview

If you would like to get to know the Wiener Privatklinik and spend a Test Day, please contact our nursing department via e-mail.
We will contact you a.s.a.p regarding an appointment.


If we have aroused your interest and you would like to apply in our clinic, then your starting point is our nursing director Mrs. Giehser, MSc MBA.


Nursing director Mrs. Giehser is responsible for the following areas in the Vienna Private Clinic: strategy, specialist policy, management, controlling, organization and personnel development, contact person for potential new employees in the nursing field.
Mrs. Giehser can be reached at:

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