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Recovering & Healing in Luxury

At Wiener Privatklinik Hospital you do not need to change your living standard. We offer the classy ambiance of a luxury hotel: big, comfortable and modern rooms, a beautiful terrace in our green park, high-end cuisine, a sunny lit cafeteria, and its small shop. We also deliver you the morning paper, and arrange, at your request, for a hairstylist, foot care and massage.

Enjoy the comfort and safety of home, the luxury of an elegant hotel, superb in-room dining, as well as a bright and welcoming cafeteria and gift shop surrounded by a scenic terrace that overlooks a large expanse of beautiful greenery. Our spacious, modern rooms offer all the comfort and amenities you may desire during your stay with us. Additionally, we provide morning papers, and if requested, arrange for in-room hair styling, manicure/pedicure, and massages.

Executive-Deluxe Rooms

Our luxury single and double rooms promise the highest comfort: secured safely in the bedside table, private telephone with access via chip card, air-condition, minibar, radio, and TV (various international satellite programs), as well as your personal Internet and fax access.

WPK MED CUISINE – Excellent cuisine

Besides first-class medical care, the most important aspect for us is the well-being and the comfort of our patients. Feel as if you are in a restaurant and chose out of a carefully composed menu. Take what you desire and is in accordance with your diet. All menus are freshly prepared and made of first-class ingredients, in consideration of your individual or religious needs and wishes.

Alongside the first-class medical care, we are keen to offer our patients an overall level of comfort and well-being while residing in our house. Our patients can select their meals from daily meal plans, designed with special consideration to their health, individual taste, and religious background.

Useful Information for Patients

What needs to be considered before admission and during your stay at Wiener Privatklinik - including Pre-Admission Check-List.

Patient References - Testimonials

Find out more about the satisfaction of our patients.
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