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TPS Ultrasound Braintherapy

A development for neuropsychiatric disease by Prof. Roland Beisteiner

The leading international center for TPS Therapy and TPS Development is located at the Wiener Privatklinik. The original Vienna-TPS-Therapy developed by Prof. Beisteiner since 2010, requires a highly individualized treatment based on the latest results of Prof. Beisteiner’s research group. Safe and efficient application of the complex therapy requires specialized knowledge of brain diseases and exceptional expertise for functional brain diagnostics. A research cooperation exists with the Medical University of Vienna supported by Herzfelder Stiftung.

TPS is clinically approved for Alzheimer’s DEMENTIA and the initial description by Prof. Beisteiner (2019) demonstrated memory improvements over 3 months. In 2017, Prof. Beisteiner developed the term “Transcranial Pulse Stimulation TPS”, which rapidly spread over the whole world (more than 100 treatment centers). Attention: the original Vienna-TPS-Therapy cannot be compared with other TPS offers – safe and effective application requires experts for brain function with longstanding neuropsychiatric expertise. TPS is perfectly tolerated, painless, and requires no medication. It offers an additional therapeutic opportunity, as all established therapies can be continued unchanged.

At the Medical University of Vienna, continuous research is performed to further develop TPS treatments. After approval by Prof. Beisteiner, therapeutic options also exist for other brain diseases that respond to brain activation, such as DEPRESSION, PARKINSON’S disease, NEURODEGENERATION, STROKE, and LONG COVID deficits.

The new development was nominated for the Austria Gala “Austrian of the Year”.

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