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Competence Center for Interventional Radiology and Microtherapy

The Competence Center for Microtherapy at the Wiener Privatklinik offers image-guided and minimally invasive therapy options for treating diseases of various organs or body parts.

In recent years, therapy has rapidly evolved from open surgery (major surgery) to minimally invasive surgical procedures. This resulted in the emergence of the new field of microtherapy. Microtherapy involves the use of instruments like needles, catheters and tubes with the help of image-guidance by x-rays, computer tomography and ultrasound precisely to specific parts of the body, to avoid injuring vital anatomical structures like nerves, vessels or organs. For this, only a small pinprick under local anesthesia is necessary. The advantages of this treatment are various and range from the avoidance of a general anesthesia, minimal risk of infection and complication, no actual scarring and clearly reduced post-operative pain, to a generally shorter hospital stay and a more rapid recovery.

In the Competence Center for Microtherapy, patients are attended by the best specialists in the fields of general medicine, surgery, dermatology, vascular surgery, gynecology, internal medicine (angiology, hepatology, oncology), neurosurgery, neurology, plastic surgery, physical medicine, orthopedics and trauma surgery.

What we offer:

Treatment of back pain (caused by disc herniation, spinal stenosis and signs of attrition as well as vertebral fractures and metastases).

  • CT-specific epidural and periradicular infiltration
  • Ozonucleolysis or ozone discectomy
  • Percutaneous intradiscal laser decompression
  • Vertebroplasty

Treatment of varicose veins:

  • Endovenous laser therapy
  • Minimal surgery: phlebectomy and the removal varix (knotted)

Treatment of circulatory disorders:

  • PTA +/- stent implantation in all vascular regions (leg, pelvis, kidney, carotid artery, intestine, arm)
  • Peripheral aneurysm elimination (leg, arm)
  • Intra operative catheter surgery

Treatment of uterine fibroids:

  • Transarterial embolization therapy

Treatment of liver tumors:

  • Transarterial chemoembolization therapy

Other interventions:

  • Using and removing of inferior vein cava filter (IVC filter)
  • Endovascular removal of foreign bodies
  • Neurolytic block of the sympathetic trunk
  • Interventional abscess drainage

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Radiology Center

The Radiology Center at the Vienna Private Clinic offers a wide range of conventional imaging, as well as nuclear medical examinations such as PET / CT.
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