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Interview with our Traumatology Experts

Renowned trauma surgeon Dr. Paul Dr. Stampfl answers frequently asked questions about pain, trauma and innovative treatment methods.


What is the frequency of acute or chronic pain patients in your practice?

I treat acute and chronic pain patients in almost equal measure. In acute cases, prompt appointments and treatment are important. Acute complaints require rapid relief of symptoms and subsequent targeted diagnostics. In the case of chronic pain, the focus is on improving quality of life and treating the causes.


What innovative approaches to the treatment of chronic pain are used in your practice?

Interdisciplinary work is important for complex pain conditions. This means involving specialists in complementary fields such as pain therapists or neurosurgeons. An individual treatment approach is developed with each patient. In addition to traditional pain therapy (oral medication, infiltration and physiotherapy), alternative treatments such as shock wave or magnetic field therapy are also offered as part of conservative treatment. All of these treatments take place in my practice at the Wiener Privatklinik. Multimodal therapy concepts combine therapies from conventional medical specialties and complementary treatment options. This broad spectrum can be offered promptly for acute and chronic pain due to the broad specialist focus at the Wiener Privatklinik.

“Those who help quickly, help twice!” Dr. Paul Stampfl

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