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The Experts for Skiing Accidents

Winter sports are a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities not only provide an exhilarating experience, but are also beneficial for physical health. However, in addition to all the fun, this sport also carries the risk of injury.

Wiener Privatklinik (WPK) may not be located directly in a ski resort, but it is an outstanding option for the treatment of sports injuries, be it after a skiing accident or any other winter sports injury.


Top-class specialists – all under one roof

What sets WPK apart from other facilities is its ability to provide top-notch specialists who specialize in the treatment of sports injuries.

The treatment options on offer are varied and adapted to individual needs. From conservative therapies without surgical intervention to state-of-the-art surgical methods, there are various options available.


The WPK also focuses on efficiency in the diagnosis and treatment process

The Radiology Center at the clinic offers a full range of imaging diagnostics without long waiting times. This enables a quick and accurate diagnosis, which is crucial for the rapid and appropriate treatment of sports injuries.


Treatment options

Conservative treatment can often be sufficient to heal an injury. Non-surgical methods such as physiotherapy, rest and rehabilitation are used to support the healing process. Our experts work closely with patients to develop customized treatment plans and ensure they make the best possible recovery.

In some cases, however, surgery is required to treat the injury. The state-of-the-art surgical methods are designed for precision and minimally invasive procedures to speed recovery and minimize downtime.

It is reassuring to know that in the event of a sports injury, be it skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports, first class care and treatment is available. The Wiener Privatklinik has established itself as a reliable point of contact that not only offers medical excellence, but also cares for the health and well-being of its patients.

Safety and health should always come first, especially when practicing sports with a risk of injury. Thanks to the expertise of our excellent attending physicians, athletes can rest assured that in the event of an injury, experts are on hand to provide them with the best possible treatment and support.

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